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The Resurgence of the Godslayer


Article written for Red Bull eSports highlighting TSM Leffen’s return to the North American scene following Visa issues. Featured at the top of Red Bull’s ‘Most Popular’ stories chart and the top of the SmashBros subreddit for the week.

Against All Odds


A book review about Escape From Camp 14, which chronicles the life of the only known survivor to escape from the infamous North Korean slave camp. Published in The Salvationist and distributed nationally.

Communities Clash Over ESAM at Smash Summit


An in-depth look at the controversy of a Smash 4 player being voted into a Melee invitational, largely supported by non-Melee fans. Shows both sides and opinions on a divisive issue.¬†Featured at the top of Red Bull’s ‘Most Popular’ stories chart and the top of the SmashBros subreddit for the week.

A Day in the Life: Luffy Finds Evo Peace of Mind


A profile about French professional player Luffy (Evo 2014 champion) and his tournament life as he has to fight some of the biggest players at the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, Evolution 2016. Red Bull flew me out to Las Vegas to follow the French Legend and produce this story, as well as other Evo coverage.

Red Bull Proving Grounds 2016


In 2016 Red Bull sponsored Street Fighter V monthlies in six cities (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Toronto, and Seattle) where the top three players in each region would be flown out to Santa Monica to compete against the leaders of the other regions in the Proving Grounds Finals and a spot in the Capcom Pro Tour Finals. I wrote previews and recaps for every single event, all of which can be found on the event page linked above.

Level Up Productions: Roots In the FGC

level up

Profile piece about one of the most storied and beloved companies to work in the fighting game community.

Europeans Fight for Their Continent


Article for Red Bull eSports featuring the top European talent and their preparation leading into the first Capcom major tournament on European soil.

The 6ix: The Northern Hub of Street Fighter


Feature highlighting Toronto and the Canadian FGC, including all the great people from the nation that make the community thrive. I was able to interview many kind and interesting players for this Red Bull article.